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Der Soundtrack des Spieles Grand Theft Auto IV besteht aus verschiedenen in-game. Chaka Khan – Any Love²; The Fatback Band – Are You Ready Do the Bus Stop²; A Taste of Honey – Boogie Oogie Oogie²; The. Exclusive Features Soundtrack Radio Station Updates. Grand Theft Auto IV Radio Broker.GTA IV FBI Buffalo and Where to find the bus station. Xbox 360Broker, Hove Beach. Southeast of the broker safe house is a train station. They're not bad for getting the hang of GTA4 driving physics. Schafter. Search Star Junction or at the bus station near the Helitours site. Cavalcade.BusModBeta v1.0.0.1 Rooft0p2010 aka moochaka Compatible GTAIV v1.0.4.0. no. a station icon will appear on map Location Broker Bus Depot there. NOTE Routes will only start if there are buses in the Depot if there. Campinghandel berlin. Bus Mod Beta v1.0.1.1 Rooft0p2010: aka moochaka Change List : Bus Mod Beta v1.0.1.1 Requires Latest Scripthook Version BETA: You will also have to change all coords for your route inside the busmod folder if you want it to work with the route failsafes, only do this if the route has a tendency to fail. If you are on a route and it fails you now have an option of trying to recover the route, Everytime you pick up a passenger/passengers always make sure that a route appears on the radar and that it leads to a Blip at the end of it, If no blip appears you can first try pressing E again, Sometimes this will kick the route back in but if not check the last stop you were at (Bottom left Of Screen), Now press Numpad / to show stop list then follow on screen instructions, In Effect it will respawn bus at the loaction required, reloading the enviroment, When you have respawned you should then press E again and this should let you continue with route. To enable Race Keys, Once enabled you can select any of 10 races by pressing the corresponding number on the Numpad, Race 9 and 10 can be set by the player from within the ini file, You can also change the vehicles and drivers used.Showtopic=392325 Compatible With Latest: GTA IV EFLC Installation: Place all files and folders from within the scripts folder into your gta4 Scripts Folder. (Known Issues: Bus may not face right direction after respawning). Note It is not recommended to start race straight after you have finished one) Press Tab To Bring Up Default Keylist...2 new routes added (Route E can be set from within the game 20 stops excluding start/stop positions) Now Over 100 stops in total from 5 routes. Change List v1.0.1.0 Updated to work with latest patch and EFLC: No phone support anymore: Races are enabled/disabled using the Decimal key then you can select a race between Numpad1 and Numpad0 to select which race, Race1 = Numpad1 Race2 = Numpad2 etc etc Call To Spawn Bus removed // Bus spawn using the Left arrow key Call To Teleport To Depot removed // Teleport to Depot using the Right arrow key Change List: Bus Mod Beta v1.0.0.1 Code Rewritten New Route Added (Route C) Option to Teleport to depot on Mod Start Buses Spawn at Depot (When Mod Enabled) Help Icons (If Required) All peds Directions Changed (Now Face Bus) Bus Rear door Now Shuts When Bus Is Moving Bus Stop Sign Added (Route A Stop1) Call To Spawn Bus Call To Teleport To Depot Hazard Lights Now On Whilst on Frenzy Horn Sounds On Contact Whilst On Frenzy Repair And Wash added (Rear Of Bus Depot) All Map Text Changed (Depot And Passenger) 10 Race's Added (9 & 10 Can Be Set Up By Player) Position/Heading Displays (For When Planning Race) Traffic On/Off (Helps When Setting Up Race Positions) All Race Vehicles And Drivers can Be set By Player On Foot Radio (Something I Use When Testing Thought I Would Leave It In) Extensive ini File Phone Numbers: 55 BUS 55 BUS: Spawns Bus With Player Inside (5528755287) BUS 55 DEPOT: Teleports To Bus Depot (2875533768) BUS RACE 001: Bus Race 1 (2877223001) BUS RACE 002: Bus Race 2 (2877223002) etc etc all the way to BUS RACE 010: Bus Race 10 (2877223010) Bus Mod Beta v1.0.0.0 Compatible GTAIV v1.0.4.0.Last/Next Stop Display Speedo Added.(Not Great) Can be turned On/Off Complete Text Overhaul (70% of text can be moved by user from within Config file). no later Requires: Hazard Xs Scripthook v0.893 Just place inside scripts folder Features, Drive 2 Different Routes around liberty city picking up and dropping off passengers, Standard fare is (More routes to be added at a later date) Activate Mod by pressing Page Up (Deactivate Page Down), Once activated a station icon will appear on map (Location: Broker Bus Depot) there you can change into Busdriver and start either of the 2 routes Stand infront of the portacabin door and press B to change into Driver or back again (Text will appear on screen when you are in the right place), To start Route A stand infront of the information door at the front of the depot (Text will appear) Route B starts outside the toilets door, same applies here the text will appear when in the right location you can now press B to start route.

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Hazard Lights Activate whilst Reversing (in bus on route). ( NOTE : Routes will only start if there are buses in the Depot if there are none you will have to bring your own) While on route the player will be fined for bad driving i.e running a red light will cost you and hitting a vehicle or pedestrian will cost (Fines can be turned off or values changed), Once route is completed you will receive a wage of 0. To make your own route (E) start by pressing Numpad * (Default), This will activate route setup, Move to the location where you would like your first stop, Press Numpad 1 to cycle through stops, When you have text stating stop 1 stand in the position you would like to place the busstop and face the direction you would like the stop to face and press numpad 2, Text will appear letting you know that the busstop position has been set, next stand where you would like your first passenger to stand and face the direction you would like it to face then press numpad 2, Text will appear showing Pass1 is set, Now stand where you would like passenger 2 and do the same, Text will appear letting you know Pass3 is set, You can now find where you would like the second stop, press numpad 1 to select the second stop and repeat the process, When you have completed your route setup go to your ini file and reduce all Bus Stop Z vectors, (x, y, Z) by 1.2 (Only Bus Stop Not passenger), You can (alt tab) out of the game to do this, Once done open the console By Pressing the @ Key and type: reloadscripts, To save a copy of the ini file press numpad 3 whilst Route Setup is enabled (This is only a copy) but usefull if you would like to keep the coords of your routes, Note. Your Route Will Start From Bus Position E At The Depot And Finish Where Bus Stop A Driver Takes Over... Enable Speed Bomb : Player has the choice to activate Speed Bomb by pressing the Delete key, Once activated the device will arm at 50mph and Explode if you drive below 30mph, The device can be disarmed if you reach 80mph (All speed settings are based on Bus and are approx) this will work in any vehicle as long as Bus Mod is enabled but you might want to change the ini file.Enable Bus Frenzy : Player has the choice to activate Bus Frenzy by pressing the End key, Once primed the Frenzy will start when you reach 40mph, You will be rewarded money (00Default) for causing destruction i.e Hitting vehicles, pedestrians, buildings etc the Frenzy will end if your speed drops below 15mph (All speed settings are approx) this will work in any vehicle as long as Bus Mod is enabled but you might want to change the ini file. Ini file, [KEYS] App On=Page Up //Turn Mod On App Off=Page Down //Turn Mod Off Change Skin=B //Change Into Bus Driver/Niko Start Route=B //Starts Route At Selected Position Enter Bus=E //Passenger Enter/Exit At Selected Stops Bus Bomb=Delete //Activate Speed Controlled Bomb Bus Frenzy=End //Activate Type Of Kill Frenzy Repair=R //Repair Vehicle (Located At Rear Of Bus Depot) Radio On=Media Play Pause //Turn Radio On Radio Off=Media Stop //Turn Radio Off Radio Next=Media Next Track //Radio Select Next Track Radio Previous=Media Previous Track //Radio Select Previous Track Position=Insert //Display Current Position/Heading Traffic Off=Subtract //Turn Traffic Off Traffic On=Add //Turn Traffic On Spawn Bus=Left //Spawn Bus Teleport=Right //Teleport To Bus Depot Banter=MButton //Quick Remark (Bus Driver Only) Fines=Down //Turn Fines On/Off Key List Key=Tab //Display Default Key List Camera On=F11 //Bus Cam On/Off (Use In Bus Only) Races On=Decimal //Turn Race Selection On/Off Race1=Num Pad1 //Race1 Race2=Num Pad2 //Race2 Race3=Num Pad3 //Race3 Race4=Num Pad4 //Race4 Race5=Num Pad5 //Race5 Race6=Num Pad6 //Race6 Race7=Num Pad7 //Race7 Race8=Num Pad8 //Race8 Race9=Num Pad9 //Race9 Race0=Num Pad0 //Race10 Fail Text=Divide //Display Failed Route Help Enable Set Keys=Multiply //Enable User Route Setup Select Stop=Num Pad1 //Select Stop (1 - 20) Pos Select=Num Pad2 //Select Position (Stop Sign/Passenger1/Passenger2) Save Copy=Num Pad3 //Save A Copy (Config File) [MODELS] Bus Driver=M_M_BUSDRIVER //Busdriver Model Race Driver=M_M_BUSDRIVER //Race Opponents BUS1=BUS //Race Vehicle 1 BUS2=BUS //Race Vehicle 2 BUS3=BUS //Race Vehicle 3 BUS4=BUS //Player Race Vehicle [MONEY] Fines On=true //Fine System On/Off From Start Bus Fare=15 //Bus Fare/Passenger Red Light Fine=20 //Red Light Fine Charge Collision Fine=50 //Collision Fine Charge Wages=500 //Wage/Route Completed Disarm Reward=10000 //Disarm Speed Bomb Reward Frenzy Reward=1000 //Frenzy Reward/Collision Race Reward=5000 //Race Reward (1st Place) [SETTINGS] Fine Speed=10.0 //Fines Activated When Speed Greater Arm Device=23.0 //Arm Speed Bomb When Speed Greater Explode Device=13.0 //Explode Speed Bomb When Speed Lower Deactivate=32.0 //Deactivate Device When Speed Greater Start Frenzy=15.0 //Start Frenzy When Speed Greater End Frenzy=5.0 //End Frenzy when Speed Lower Race Speed=140 //AI Racers Top Speed [SPAWNSTART] Station Start=false //Spawn At Depot (Start) Need Buses=true //Spawn Buses At Depot Icon Help=false //Help Icons (Route Start Positions) Speedo=true //Speedo On/Off [TEXT] Route Text X=0.4515 //Route Enter Text X Axis Route Text Y=0.94 //Route Enter Text Y Axis Changing Room Text X=0.456 //Changing Room Text X Axis Changing Room Text Y=0.94 //Changing Room Text Y Axis Repair Text X=0.470 //Repair Text X Axis Repair Text Y=0.94 //Repair Text Y Axis Last Stop X=0.005 //Last Stop Text X Axis Last Stop Y=0.945 //Last Stop Text Y Axis Next Stop X=0.005 //Next Stop Text X Axis Next Stop Y=0.97 //Next Stop Text Y Axis Route Enabled X=0.005 //Route Enabled Text X Axis Route Enabled Y=0.670 //Route Enabled Text Y Axis Speedo X=0.005 //Speedo X Axis Speedo Y=0.645 //Speedo Y Axis Mod Enabled Keys X=0.005 //Mod Enabled Text X Axis Mod Enabled Keys Y=0.695 //Mod Enabled Text Y Axis End Text X=0.445 //End Of Route Text X Axis End Text Y=0.94 //End Of Route Text Y Axis Stop Select X=0.005 //Stop Select Text X Axis Stop Select Y=0.595 //Stop Select Text Y Axis Pos Select X=0.005 //Pos Select Text X Axis Pos Select Y=0.620 //Pos Select Text Y Axis It is recommended that you play this mod alongside these 2 great mods for better gameplay : GTAIV Buses showtopic=398667knutico: u need these two files to get the new net scripthook working: Family ID=9cfb2d51-5ff4-4491-b0e5-b386f32c0992&displaylang=en

The LTA serves as Liberty City's main transport authority and operates several forms of transportation around the city.Their logo consists of the abbreviated title "LTA" with cursive lettering, which is often seen within a circle.Their main color is blue, however the text and circle color appear vary depending on where they are found. Alternative logo designs include parallel diagonal stripes running through the LTA text, used for the LTA bus service, and a circular arrow looping around the LTA text, used for the LTA subway service.Liberty Transport Authority operate the Brute Bus, bearing a pastel green and light grey color scheme, bearing the LTA logo and tag lines.They also operate the Liberty City subway, and tramway.The LTA operates a subway map of Liberty City illustrating the subway lines and their stations within Algonquin, Broker, Bohan and Dukes.

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This page contains the locations of all the pigeons in GTA 4. Broker Pigeons. On the ground outside the police station fence, just below pigeon. Sitting on a hitch between the railing overlooking the water just off bus lane.How do you get a bus on gta4. Grand Theft Auto 4 Questions and answers, PlayStation 3A GTA IV Mod CategoryScript Mods. Added 2009-11. Broker Bus Depot there you can change into Busdriver and start either of the 2 routes – Stand infront of the portacabin door and press B to change into Driver or back again Text will appear on screen when you are in the right place, To start Route A stand infront of the information. Forex broker bonuses. The Liberty City Transport Authority or LTA is the transport authority network in Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV. The LTA operates bus services, the subway, and the tramway between Algonquin and Colony Island. The subway does not run in Alderney and there is no operational bus service that the player can use.Activate Mod by pressing PageUp Deactivate PageDown, Once activated a station icon will appear on map Location Broker Bus Depot there you can change into Busdriver and start either of the 2.Flying Rats Pigeons Guide Brought To You By GTA4. East Hook The pigeon is on top of the stone sign for the Broker Navy Yard.

It is titled as the service entrance to Easton/Emerald.The sign on the door also instructs operators to "shoot the lock off" in the event of an emergency.This is the only accessible service hut of its kind and is used during Three Leaf Clover. [[It has a stairway interior leading down to the underground.LTA operates three transport vehicles, two of which serve as functional and operational methods of transportation to the player.Stations for each of the three vehicles dub the individual operations as "LTA Subway", "LTA Bus" and "LTA Skycar".

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The Skycar and Bus are also dubbed "The Pigeon" and "The Fox" respectively.The Bus is the only vehicle that does not serve as an operational transport vehicle.The Bus can only be found parked in specific and limited locations, including the Broker Bus Depot and around Star Junction. Mortgage broker barrie. The bus depot is located at the intersection of Integrity Way and Strawberry Avenue in the neighborhood of Textile City, Los Santos.Opposite the north entrance to Simmet Alley are eight terminals lined with Sprunk vending machines, public telephones, and advertisements such as "Speed kills - Take the Dashound," "Long journeys need short legs," and "You're onto a wiener." The Dashound Bus Center is based on the Los Angeles Greyhound Station, located at 1716 E 7th St.In Grand Theft Auto III, the Bus retains the "school bus" design featured in GTA 1, and comes in several colors.

The design is very generic and takes styling from a wide range of decades, the hood's shape resembles an 1980s International Harvester S-Series; its slanted side windows may be inspired by the old GM New Look Bus or Flexible New Look bus; the rear is rounded similar to most '40s and '50s bus designs.It's possible transport passengers with a bus in Vice City, but that's done with the Coach.In Grand Theft Auto IV, the Brute Bus resembles a New Flyer D901 (with an evenly angled windshield from a New Flyer D40 HF. Handelsspanne nach branchen. Its slanted side windows resemble those of the old GM New Look Bus (GM TDH-5303), TMC RTS, or the Flexible New Look bus, although they are more modern in style. Strangely, the Bus only allows 4 passengers (in addition to the driver) to travel in the vehicle.The buses, which fall under the management of Liberty City Transport Authority (LTA), are further stamped with "The Fox" labels, in line with the LTA's association of the Liberty City's tramway with another animal ("The Pigeon"). Despite the presence of several bus stops around the city, the Bus is only seen parked in Star Junction.The Bus will sometimes appear during GTA IV's mission chase sequences as part of set pieces, acting as an obstacle to increase the difficulty of the mission (see, for example, Brucie's mission Search and Delete).

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There is always one or more buses parked at the helitour bus stop.Another place to find a Bus is the Broker Bus Terminal between Schottler and Downtown. It is the first exit from Algonquin and an immediate left at the exit.The Bus finds its own perfect purpose during GTA Races set in Star Junction. The Bus can easily block off a path while a novice picks off cars, driver by driver, resulting in everyone switching to Faggios,which provide no cover whatsoever for the rider and cannot move buses at all, but are nimble enough to move around Buses, although Bus users would often receive negative reactions/messages from other players.3D Universe The Bus' handling is slow and cumbersome, as one would expect, and the vehicle, although fairly tough, cannot readily knock other vehicles aside in the manner of the Fire Truck, Barracks OL, or the Flatbed.HD Universe For Grand Theft Auto IV,handling is below average, with the Bus easily under-steering around corners.

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Top speed is however somewhat excellent thanks in part to its supercharged 5000cc 6-cylinder engine, but is let down by poor acceleration which is one of the worst in the game.The Bus has a soft suspension tune making the bus somewhat comfortable, especially at low speeds.The Bus is let down again by its poor brakes which tend to lock up easily, and when they do, stopping distance is increased, giving the Bus a poor stopping distance. Best forex traders strategies. Due to its rear-engined configuration, the Bus can survive seemingly endless head-on crashes with cars, trucks, and buildings alike.This makes it the perfect vehicle for ramming cars out of one's path.Like previous renditions of the Bus, however, it is particularly vulnerable to gunfire.